The crypto world is seeing a whole new era of people getting into crypto-related businesses leaving behind their existing, well-paying jobs.

There’s yet another case turned up. Yes, you hear that right!

Charles Noyes, a 19-year-old who dropped out of MIT just after spending one year there, to join a crypto hedge-fund, Pantera Capital. Charles is an Orange County, California native who started to mine Bitcoin in the year 2011. His extraordinary skills helped him achieve higher ranks at Pantera. However, before the completion of second year there, he was invited by two key persons of finance giants namely, Fred Ehrsam – co-founder of Coinbase and Matt Huang – a former partner at VC firm Sequoia Capital for the launch of a digital-currency fund.

Hence, he will be a partner along with these both to invest in the early-stage cryptocurrency projects, upcoming blockchains and exchanges, said Charles.

He further added:

“Everyone’s kind of just accepted that I go do my own thing and hopefully don’t mess up too badly. I wanted to try my hand at sort of re-architecting the internet in a way that I think is more democratized.”

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