, an Ethereum mainnet archive node service, has announced that it will be shutting down its services after three years of providing free archived blockchain data to developers, researchers, and students. The service was initiated by “DeFi Dude,” who explained that the project was aimed at making archive data accessible to individuals who lacked the time, money, or resources to run their own archive node.

Archive nodes are instances of Ethereum clients configured to create archives of all historical states of the blockchain. These nodes are useful for querying historical blockchain data that is not accessible on full nodes. Archive nodes require much greater storage capacity and are not required to participate in block validation, which means that they can be built from scratch.

According to “DeFi Dude,” the project was a success and the service is no longer necessary since there are now other alternatives available that did not exist when the project started. He confirmed that the project was never intended to make money or profit.

Although the shutdown of is a loss for the Ethereum community, it is a testament to the progress that has been made in the availability of archive data. With the emergence of a robust remote procedure call (RPC) provider market offering access to archive data, developers, researchers, and students have more options for accessing historical blockchain data.

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