Adidas is a well-known brand when it comes to sports garments and sneakers, and now they are extending their presence in the digital world with their latest NFT drop. The latest drop, called “ALT[er] egos,” has eight different traits or personas, each with a unique set of characteristics that remark on a specific “sports or lifestyle genre.” The names of these traits are Strikes, Sprints, Hoops, Thrills, Amps, Soles, Decos, and Drips.

This latest NFT drop is part of Phase 3 for the Adidas NFT, with three chapters in total. The first two Phase NFT owners are requested to burn their old NFTs and mint this new NFT Phase. This is the final phase of the Adidas NFT, with two more chapters set to be added in the future.

The total volume of NFTs in the Into the Metaverse collection, which includes the ALT[er] egos NFT drop, is over 48K ETH, with a corresponding floor price of 0.77 ETH according to OpenSea.

Apart from the NFT launch, Adidas is also partnering with Probably A Label to engage NFT holders at the NFT NYC events with food, fun, and entertainment. They will also be launching their Web3 pizza initiative at the event.

Adidas is showing that they are not afraid to embrace the digital world and explore new possibilities with their latest NFT drop. The ALT[er] egos NFTs are a unique and creative way to engage their audience and showcase their versatility beyond just sports garments and sneakers.

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