1. Set up Venom Wallet, you can also add an extension to your browser 
  2. Visit the Venom Testnet page and Log in with your Twitter.
  3. Follow Venom Foundation on Twitter.
  4. Now click on “Clam” and You will get 50 VENOM Testnet tokens
  5. Once this is done you will be presented with testnet ecosystem explorer. It is here where you will complete tasks in order to test out dApps.
  6. Go to Task page and claim your NFT
  7. Complete all tasks you can check this article for more details about the task page
  8. Use Venom Bridge
  9. Visit the Swap page. Choose VENOM and WVENOM tokens, and the amount. Then click “Wrap VENOM” and approve your transaction
  10. Go to “Liquidity Providing” and click “Add Liquidity”
  11. Follow their social media to get the latest updates about Venom


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