The Haryana Cyber Crime cell today captured two people blamed for running a fake bitcoin investment scheme. 

The cell captured Deepak Jangra (37) and Deepak Malhotra (56) for the extortion. The team propelled the plan promising exceptional yields for investors through an interest in bitcoin. 

What was THE SCAM? 

The scam got kicked into high gear in December 2016 and investments were welcomed promising exceptional yields to the tune of 12 percent per month. Existing Investors were paid referral expenses and commission for getting new individuals. 

The members were advised to purchase bitcoins while the investment was taken in cash mode. 

Some segment of this cash was transferred to This was a site run by the blamed team. 

At first, the profits were given as bitcoins. These certainty building measures helped the brains to pull in greater investments.

The plan could last just for a couple of months before the air pocket burst. As investors began scrutinizing the pair about the month to month returns, Deepak Jangra presented another cryptocurrency by the name of ‘BMP’ and attempted to pull in speculators in this new plan. 

He had intended to move his investors on his new model yet when the rising obligation and the day by day weight from the speculators were expanding. Deepak Jhangra moved his base overnight to dodge the investors. 

As a result of complaint with the Cyber Crime cell, an inquiry was taken up at Cyber Crime cell and a Special cell and a case were enlisted. 

Following up on the data from different sources, the police seized Jangra and Malhotra.