After an update that’s looming around the corner, BitTorrent users will get cryptocurrency rewards from Tron in order to stimulate file sharing.

As of now, the process of uploading and sharing files on the platform was completely free and up to the users, with no incentives to encourage them. Tron, which is a blockchain firm looking to decentralize the internet with the technology, has undertaken this move presumably as a part of its Project Atlas, with which it aims to incorporate blockchain as the building block of BitTorrent. Users with hitherto getting a small reward in the form of Tronix (TRX), Tron’s cryptocurrency.

Further, users who download files (or ’leechers’) from the platform can pay the seeders in order to increase the download speed or for other such services, making the model one in which both seeders and leechers can actively transact with cryptocurrency.

According to PR News Wire, On Project Atlas, Justin Sun, the man behind Tron said thus:

“Project Atlas is the foundation for a new way of content distribution. To start, the product will feature faster downloads, more seeds, no mining, and backward compatibility. It is adapted to the world we live in today: mobile, connected, and transparent. We aim to eventually empower all content creators and their communities by eliminating the middleman and enabling content creators to distribute directly to users,”

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