Black Panther is an asset management protocol that is dedicated to helping users achieve exceptional returns on their investments

Black Panther operates within the Injective ecosystem. Black Panther has its token called $BLACK, which is used to access the protocol’s services and participate in its governance.


  • Total Supply: 800,0000 BLACK Tokens 
  • Ecosystem Allocation: 35% – 280,0000000 BLACK Tokens
  • Community Incentives: 30% – 240,000,000 BLACK Tokens
  • Team: 15% – 120,000,000 BLACK tokens
  • Private Sales – 15% – 120,000,000 BLACK tokens
  • Seed Round – 5% – 40,000,000 BLACK tokens

Black Panther has recently made an official announcement regarding the claimdrop schedule for individuals who have staked $INJ with Black Panther’s validator. As part of this initiative, users will also receive Black Panther tokens based on a 1:1 ratio of points. This approach aims to reward and incentivize users who actively engage with the protocol, fostering a vibrant and participatory community. 

Black Panther has completed the initial snapshot of their stakers, with a second snapshot scheduled for February 29th. The average amount of $INJ staked during these snapshots will determine claimdrop allocations. Starting March 1st, stakers will be able to claim their reward $POINT tokens on the airdrop page. Weekly snapshots from March 1st to May 31st will reward ninjas continuing to stake $INJ with Black Panther. Another claimdrop is set for June 1st to further reward stakers. The project aims to conduct its token generation event (TGE) by the end of June.

To stay updated on the latest developments and announcements from Black Panther, individuals can follow the official Black Panther Twitter account. Additionally, for those interested in participating in Black Panther’s airdrop and seeking further guidance, a comprehensive guide is available here.

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