Metamask, the popular cryptocurrency wallet, has recently expanded its privacy features with the addition of a toggle function for third-party services such as phishing detection and incoming transaction notifications. This update gives users more control over their data and can be adjusted in the “security and privacy settings.”

The release of this new feature comes in the wake of criticism of the development company Consensys for collecting IP addresses and Ethereum wallet addresses on the Infura RPC network used by Metamask. Infura, developed by Consensys, has been criticized for the potential risk of personal information being leaked if the user’s wallet address and IP address stored on the network are compromised.

In response to these concerns, Metamask now makes it easier to change RPCs and includes a warning in the settings screen that any RPC selected will receive the user’s IP address and Ethereum wallet information. Despite this, the new feature is seen as positive by some as it offers an alternative to Consensys’ high-risk data collection policy.

The phishing detection toggle is a new addition to Metamask’s security and privacy settings and helps protect users from the cybercrime of phishing, where attackers deceive users by directing them to fake websites and stealing personal information and authentication information. Metamask has been operating the “Ethereum Phishing Detector” as a verification database for phishing scams and works with various open-source projects to combat phishing sites and scams.

Phishing attack detection capabilities have already been offered by competitors such as Solana wallet Phantom and multi-chain Frontier.

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