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Dynamic Coin (DMC), is a new, Open Sourced, fully decentralized, Peer-to-peer (P2P) currency; unlike any other in existence. It was designed and developed, from inception, to be scalable to handle unlimited number of coins with a full inflation proof mechanism, similar to traditional fiat currencies. Yet, at the same time, it removes all limitations other coins have; by introducing a 15 second block time, 40x faster than bitcoin, which confirms transactions in one minute (four blocks) instead of one hour. There are no block size limitations, allowing virtually unlimited transactions per minute. The block reward is differential to the coin price and adjusts to every block based on market price, therefore providing price stability with no inflation, while offering an unlimited growth potential. There is no reward "halving" or any future "end" to production of coins, allowing the coin to grow into a transactional currency for the foreseeable future. Exponential Block Rewards over the $1 price threshold, creates an upward pressure price vector, driven by mining activity, growing profitability as the coin price escalates.


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