24h volume

$15.7 B

AltCoin M.Cap

$58.1 B

Total M.Cap

$122.3 B
Golem (GNT)
$0.06792 0.000018 2.60%
24 Hr. High
Circulating Supply
959.84 M
Market Cap.
$65.19 M
24 Hr. Volume
$1.63 M
24 Hr. Low


Golem is a global, open source, decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access. It is made up of the combined power of users’ machines, from PCs to entire data centers.

Golem is capable of computing a wide variety of tasks, from CGI rendering, through machine learning to scientific computing. Golem’s limitations are only defined by our developer community’s creativity.

Golem creates a decentralized sharing economy of computing power and supplies software developers with a flexible, reliable and cheap source of computing power.

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