The U.S Cryptocurrency Exchange, Coinbase announced the listing of much-awaited cryptocurrency – Ethereum Classic.

Coinbase tweeted on Tuesday:

“We are pleased to announce our intention to add support for Ethereum Classic (ETC) to Coinbase in the coming months. We are announcing this both internally and to the public consistent with our process for adding new assets.”

Just after few minutes of this tweet, a hefty surge of 25% was seen in the price of ETC.

As per the data from CoinTopper, ETC started to gain momentum just after the announcement was made and in about half an hour, the surge went as high as $16.16, recording a good 25% gain. This gain is speculated to be due to the announcement made by Coinbase for listing ETC in the coming months.

The current stats for ETC, that is at the time of writing, are as below:

The reason behind choosing ETC over other cryptocurrencies still remains disclosed. However, there is a widespread belief for the Coinbase’s choice of listing ETC because of the platform already being capable of supporting the ETC infrastructure.

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