Major cryptocurrency exchange,  Coinbase is considering listing more altcoins on its website in the near future as opposed to its current policy of being very selective about them.

Coinbase now features just five cryptocurrencies: BTCBCHLTCETH, and ETC, and its latest move involves accepting applications from other firms in order to list their coins. The decision was announced by the exchange on its Twitter handle as follows:

“While one of our top customer requests has been to add support for many new digital assets, we have been determining how to do this in a compliant and secure way that maintains the standards our customers have come to expect.”

Further, they added that “Coinbase was founded to give people around the world access to a more open financial system. Towards this end, we’ve always taken a deliberate approach to adding support for new assets to the platform”acknowledging the fact that they have been, and still strive to be a rather “cautious” crypto trading exchange when compared to other major players in the industry.

It is expected that while choosing their future altcoin listings, the firm would look for those that are decentralized to a reasonable extent and are not likely to be labeled as security.

Though not all of Coinbase’s decisions have sat well with the majority, it is a widely accepted fact that they do cause major shifts and trends in the market. Looks like this move will be no exception to this as well.

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