has entered the league of exchanges listing XRP fiat pairing. The exchange has by means of Twitter announced that they are doing this in celebration of their lower fees that now stand at 0.1% of all orders.

While the exchange allowed the investors to purchase (XRP) using fiat in the past, this is the first occasion when that they are now allowing for market orders placed in Australian dollars. This move by Coinspot is a welcome news by the XRP community.

This move possibly implies that much sooner, most of the XRP trading will be done in fiat, or against different altcoins with XRP as the base pair. In that capacity, XRP has more chance of decoupling from bitcoin (BTC) with respect to alternate altcoins.

XRP is moving to become the standard in cross-border payments. Also, with more fiat pairing, XRP will turn out to be more stable and, in this way, better situated to fill in as a liquidity tool for organizations hoping to adopt it for payments.

With more fiat pairings, XRP will undoubtedly turn out to be more liquid, and with greater liquidity comes better stability. A stable valued (XRP) stands a great chance for massive adoption, across industries, which will give a rise to its valuation in the coming future

In any case, these are long-term advantages and mostly will be beneficial to the investors that get in early, which can be now when it’s trading below 0.5$

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