Yes! You heard that right, The London School of Economics which is one of the preeminent institutions in the world is now offering a course on the very new technology; Cryptocurrency.

The institution focuses on the overall growth of the individual and therefore they want to provide a course related to the modern technology. Cryptocurrencies are the digital future of the world and it will shape the future of Money. The institution believes in understanding “the cause of things”. So, they came up with this idea.

The duration of the course is sixty hours and the price is around £1,800. The course is meant to provide the information, knowledge, and frameworks of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. After completing this session you can be a certified Crypto academic and a master.

The course can be completed online and it’s a certification course which comes under the name as “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption”. This online certification course is led by Dr. Carsten Sørensen who is the Associate Professor of Information Systems and Innovation at LSE.

There are also other top institutions like Cambridge University, NYU, Stanford, Wharton and etc which offers crypto courses and now LSE has also joined the league.

The course is quite accessible as it’s available online, and hence becomes easy to complete the course from any location. The cost is reasonable and the total duration of the course is of 6 weeks. The time allotted per week can be up to 7 to 10 hours. The course will start on 14th of August 2018 and is certified by the United Kingdom CPD Certification Service.

Image courtesy: LSE
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