As cryptocurrencies continue to gain traction around the world, more and more businesses are beginning to accept them as payment. Now, ANC – one of Ukraine’s largest pharmacy chains – is joining this trend by allowing customers to pay with cryptocurrency through Binance Pay. This makes ANC the first pharmacy chain in Europe to offer such an option!

As per an official statement. Customers who wish to use cryptocurrency for their purchases at ANC pharmacies can now do so easily through Binance Pay. All they need is a smartphone and access to the internet; after downloading the app from either Google Play or Apple Store, users can place orders on ANC’s website and pay with any supported digital currency available on Binance Pay. At present, this service is only available in Kyiv but may expand further across Ukraine soon enough!

This move marks a major milestone for both crypto payments as well as healthcare services in general: it opens up new opportunities for people who prefer digital currencies over traditional ones when shopping online or offline; meanwhile, it also allows patients from all walks of life greater flexibility when purchasing medicines that could be otherwise hard-to-reach due financial limitations (such as those living abroad).

Overall, ANC’s decision demonstrates its commitment to providing modern solutions while keeping customer convenience top priority – something that will no doubt benefit Ukrainians looking forward to using cryptocurrencies during their daily lives.

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