As we know that the market of cryptocurrency is growing in a vast sense and the main reason for this growth is the number of traders that is increasing rapidly. One such market is KuCoin Exchange.

Now, if we compare KuCoin Exchange to other markets we will find that KuCoin has an upper hand as they work in teams who are highly qualified as technology experts that aims to develop world-class features, in their customer service and the system. They try to make it more fluent.

Today, they have announced and are pretty proud about it. They have listed another promising altcoin that focusses on the financial sector. The name of the project is Distributed Credit Chain(DCC). This native coin is now made available for deposits and the supporting pairs are DCC/BTC and DCC/ETH.

Let us understand about DCC

It is the solution to the emerging problems that are being seen in the financial sector. The intent of this project is to allow the traders to build a blockchain account that will authorize data service providers. The useful data will be collected on the blockchain. It will also involve the usage of complex algorithms and computation which will help to extract the components from the data pool.

Any trader who will be interested in gathering the data will need to pay a respective value of DCC to the Data Institution related to it. Next, The credit companies will demand an amount of DCC to the certification body if the data validity will be confirmed.

In 2018, the company plans to build more DApps to the table and also involve the financial institutions and service providers.

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