On July 23, there was a statement made to Cointelegraph by Bart Butler. Bart Butler who is the CTO of Encrypted e-mail service ProtonMail is “considering” to launch an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

Butler tweeted, “exploring issuing a token as an alternative to traditional VC funding.”

The tweet is meant to be a response to the commentators and negative speculations about the company which is running an ICO based on the job listings.

The project’s official site was quietly launched on June 19. The domain protoncoin.com was created on the host site of GoDaddy on 27th Feb 2017 and was updated on 29th Jan 2018. Evidently, the service potential crypto token “ProtonCoin” is dubbed.

The site has given a general description regarding the coin’s purpose. It includes a “way for the general public to participate in the growth and expansion of ProtonMail and the entire Proton ecosystem, centered around the ideas of security and privacy,” and also a press section which misleads the featuring of the articles related only to ProtonMail’s existence and core services.

Despite all the discussions that were being made, the company’s plans have apparently been in the works for some time. The “ProtonMail team does intend to release a crypto coin in the future,” as it is seen by the metrics of social media.

As per Cointelegraph, an official spokesperson of ProtonMail stated that the company is yet to be sure whether they will be proceeding with the token sale or not. He says, “if we do it, it’s going to be within the year,” clarifying further.

He talks about the Butler’s tweet also. In respect to the tweet, he says, “viewing this [an ICO] as an alternative fund-raising tool to VC money, not as a cash-out.”

The company is not new in the world of cryptocurrency. They have made announcements associated with accepting the Bitcoins back in August 2017. The announcement that was made clearly states with regards to the new projects that it has “always been quite interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as they empower the same principles that inspired us to create ProtonMail.”

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