Ethereum staking has been a hot topic in the crypto space, despite the bear market. However, with ETH prices falling recently, fewer people remain in the money when it comes to Ethereum staking. According to data from Dune Analytics on January 4th 2021, only 20% of all ETH that is currently being staked is still making a profit due to their initial purchase price being lower than current levels

The largest chunk of Ethereum was actually purchased and then subsequently staked back when Beacon Chain launched in December 2020 at $600 per coin – 50% less than its current price at the time of writing! In contrast, 80% of ETH that has been staked since then have done so at prices equal to or higher than $1 200 USD each.
These figures show just how volatile cryptocurrency markets can be and why investors should always do their research before investing – especially during times such as these where markets are particularly unpredictable! Despite this, however, it seems clear that Ethereum Staking remains popular amongst many crypto enthusiasts who are looking for ways to make some extra profits from trading digital assets even during bearish conditions like we’re seeing now

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