Calen Powell in his recent video has claimed to have been restrained, threatened and questioned by the FBI. As per his statement, all his money and electronics were seized by the FBI when he tried to enter the U.S.

Calen Powell is famously known as Crypto Clover and he refers to himself as a “Crypto Nomad.” He was associated with the BitConnect which came to light in January this year. BitConnect made a sudden exit from the crypto market and made a news in the world of cryptocurrencies. It was the biggest scam of Bitcoin and was operating as a Ponzi scheme for BTC investors. Before the fraud could be revealed, the promoters were quite active in the trading of cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens.

They were the biggest reason that pushed Bitcoin[BTC] as a positive trading option.

While investigating, BitConnect registered an official address in the UK and the address was just used as a cover-up so that they could hide the additional dealings of the company.

The official statement issued by the investor reads,

“The promoters used to mention a special software that used to decide on how low and high points of Bitcoin for purchase and sale respectively. The difference used to be earning and the firm had promised 365% annual return on 1% daily.”

Powell has therefore claimed that all the allegations by FBI were baseless.

He said, “This is all in Asia.. you got to go to India… you’re looking at the wrong people.”

And then added,

“I do have a legal past… so they know about that. The FBI… the ability for them… the information they have access to and the things that they can get from me… They just have a lot of information that they can pull on me. They know about my history, my past already… if they’ve done their due diligence.”

Powell additionally clarifies that he has not been reached by the SEC and he will look for legitimate counsel. Then, he has guaranteed that he will collaborate with the FBI.

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