The 26-year old entrepreneur, Fred Schebesta – cofounder of, has dreamt of taking a new step in the world of cryptocurrencies by opening a bank of cryptos. Schebesta, after his keen observation, came to the conclusion that the people are showing high interests in the cryptocurrencies investment and sooner or later they will be needing an organization which could fulfill their crypto expectations and be getting a proper help.

During an interview with Australian news website, Schebesta told them that he is not bothered with the current price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was always called a bubble, be it is at $10, $100, and even $1,000 price, but Fred Schebesta has always denied it. For him, Bitcoin is not a bubble.

He believes that due to the change in the price of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, the people have become quite upset but that does not mean that the people are not showing interests in the crypto.

He says, “We just saw a massive spike in retail investors coming on board. That’s why everyone bought and they sold and everyone’s really angry.”

According to him, Bitcoin is very much similar to gold. For him, the real trick is to be patient and just watch the game, changing its side. He even mocks the people who think that Bitcoin is worthless and say that they can transfer their digital money to him.

Fred calls himself a time-traveler and gives it the credit for his success. He has seen the future of cryptocurrencies and he is trying to follow the steps in present.

Schebesta needs to open a crypto bank in Australia and trusts that he could finish this undertaking inside a year and a half. Since he will require an authorized deposit-taking institution(ADI) permit, he will work together with a current Australian bank. No doubt that it is a “multi-billion dollar idea.”

He also said, “As crypto adoption takes off, people are going to [need] certain services [like] custodianship, cold storage, escrow, exchange, and spending.” He added that crypto lending would also become a requirement in the upcoming future.

Nonetheless, Schebesta noticed that Australian banks are frightened of cryptocurrencies. He feels that it is uncalled for that they are stopping their administrations for crypto clients.

Individuals will understand the significance of cryptocurrencies in the wake of confronting issues with the customary financial institutions. Crypto will still be the “be-all and end-all”, but it will become a large part of the financial ecosystem. And then he concluded, “That’s why I’m hedging Finder.”

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