On the occasion of his 56th birthday, AR Rahman, the Oscar-winning composer and music director, recently announced the launch of his new metaverse platform called ‘Katraar’. The Metaverse Platform is currently in development. Developed in collaboration with HBAR Foundation and available on Hedera Network, this platform will allow musicians to directly upload their works for monetization. It is also set to feature some original works by Rahman himself.

This marks a significant shift in how artists are compensated for their work as Katraar will be powered by NFTs (non-fungible tokens). These tokens give creators ownership over their creative output while providing them financial flexibility and direct connection with fans – something that was never possible before! With its innovative use of technology such as blockchain & NFTs, Katraar has all potential to revolutionize how we consume & appreciate art today.

We can’t wait until it goes live so we can explore what lies ahead in terms of artist compensation models!

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