So there is a new platform for the hackers to mine the Cryptocurrency illegitimately! The scam came out later this week with the news associated with the ‘free game’ on a gaming platform Steam.

Steam which is a social gaming platform allows the users to download a variety of games that are available. There is a wide range of games from all-time classics to the latest genre that is enough to blow your mind. It also includes the trivial indie games that are designed in such a way which will attract the interest of all the gaming-lovers.

According to, a game known as Abstractism is a concealing cryptocurrency miner:

“It appears that a game marketed on Steam as a “relaxing” and “absolutely trivial” platformer is, in fact, a prophylactic for some truly grimy money-making ploys. The game has dropped Steam trading items that closely imitate rare items from other games, such as TF2, in an apparent bid to scam item traders. More egregious still, it appears to contain an executable that may help the devs use your computer to mine cryptocurrency, and is flagged as a trojan by several antivirus packages. The game is called Abstractism, and the shady things came to our attention through a YouTube video and a TF2 forum post, both of which dropped over the weekend.”

This is not the first time that a news of illicit mining has come up. Doing it in an improper way can be very easy to inculcate in the everyday life. The downloads and applications which seems to be normal can become a threat to you and an advantage to the malicious miners.

This happens as they can then utilize your computer’s power. This process will slow down the computing power and will increase the energy usage which in turn will increase your energy bills. The malware is easy to hide from the users but its very hard to detect, as these miners are really smart.

But you can stay away from this malware. The first thing you need to understand is that download anything only from the trusted sources. This step may not be enough to protect your computer so make sure that you have a full-fledged and updated anti-virus software on the computer.

Next, always keep a check on the speed of your computer. If you find anything fishy, just investigate and get rid out of any malicious substance or any kind of virus.

In these ways only we can fight this crime and push it outwards for a good reason.

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