As Hong Kong prepares to implement new legislation regulating the trading of virtual assets, brokers in the region are rushing to obtain approval from the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). The new regulations, which are set to take effect in November, will require brokers to register with the SFC and meet certain requirements before they can engage in virtual asset trading.

According to industry sources, a number of Hong Kong brokers have already submitted their applications for SFC approval and are waiting for a response. These brokers are eager to get ahead of the curve and ensure that they are compliant with the new regulations before they come into effect.

The SFC has not yet revealed how many brokers have applied for approval, but it is expected that the number will increase significantly in the coming weeks. The regulator has indicated that it will be working closely with brokers to ensure that they meet the necessary standards and are able to operate in a safe and transparent manner.

The new virtual asset trading regulations are seen as a major step forward for the industry in Hong Kong, as they will provide greater protection for investors and help to foster greater confidence in the market. While there may be some initial disruption as brokers adjust to the new rules, the long-term benefits are expected to far outweigh any short-term challenges.

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