Changpeng Zhao, the CEO at Binance recently speaks about the ways to get listed in it. Binance is an international, multi-language cryptocurrency exchange. Its famous for its ERC20 BNB token as the service raised 15 million dollars. Changpeng along with Yi founded Binance and made good profits.

The CEO, CZ gives few listing factors on his LinkedIn profile recently. The article is helpful for the companies looking forward to listing the coins on

The first tip by CZ is that the CEO of the respective company should fill the Binance Listing Request Form. The reason being that they want to be sure to connect to the decision maker in case some problem rises up.

The CEO says that companies sending him white papers or requests to meet are all in vain as he cannot meet every person. He encourages the companies to follow a systematic way.

Next, he says, “don’t shill your coin in my tweet comments. It doesn’t work. I am inclined to apply a penalty for people/coins doing it, but it may just promote competitors to do so. So I can’t do that. But regardless, it doesn’t help.”

This means that CZ forbids the companies or the CEOs to spam his posts.

The other important point highlighted is that the companies or any person applying for the listing should update the project progress on Binance Info weekly.

This technique will help increase the chances of getting listed. People asking for contact person are surely ignored by them.

CZ advises the companies to continuously improve their respective services and products. If the company is worthy enough, some person from Binance will be regularly in touch with it.

CZ forbids the listing of Big ICOs. The Big ICOs will leverage the extra % of the listing fee. He also discourages the hype marketing. Aggressive marketing is okay, but not the hype marketing.

There are few things that are forbidden according to CZ:

“We do not accept teams who publicly speculate on price or make predictions or forecasts on their token’s price.”

He is totally not taking the predictions, so companies Beware!

He is also against the companies that use Binance’s name for their gains. Because that is an illegal method of boosting their coin’s price.

He also says that people who have already worked for their company are also welcomed and their services are taken into account. The company, if listed, cannot disclose it until the whole process is completed. Else they will be then forced to stop the process in the middle.

These were few important points that any company should keep in kind before going to Binance for the listing of their coin.

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