Delphi Labs, the incubation arm of Delphi Digital, a cryptocurrency research firm, has raised approximately $13.5 million from a funding round led by P2P and Jump Crypto. Delphi Labs plans to use the funds to operate the newly established Delphi Labs Accelerator, which aims to accelerate the growth of Web3 projects and help them successfully raise their first round of funding.

The accelerator will focus on a specific Web3 ecosystem for each period, with the first program currently recruiting for the “Cosmos (ATOM) ecosystem”. Delphi Labs plans to expand the accelerator to 10 teams per year. Each team participating in the accelerator will receive $200,000 in funding and practical advice on product development, legal and go-to-market strategies from experts over a period of four to six months. They will also have the opportunity to pitch to Delphi’s investor network at the end of the program.

Delphi Labs has six years of experience in the cryptocurrency space, consulting, investing in, and helping build multi-billion dollar protocols in all areas. According to the company’s head, José Maria Macedo, the accelerator aims to pass on the lessons learned for building the next generation of critical protocols.

P2P and Jump Crypto, which participated in the Delphi Labs investment round, will also cooperate with the accelerator. P2P founder Konstantin Lomashuk praised Delphi Labs’ expertise in legal structures, tokenomics design and development, building decentralized protocols, and choosing the ideal tech stack.

To participate in the Delphi Labs Accelerator, interested parties can either apply directly or participate in the upcoming hackathon in April.

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