Cryptocurrencies have been in the talks for a long time now but what makes it interesting is the price swing. The price swing of cryptos every now and then renews the interest of the people.

There was a recent tour called The Exclusive tour of Crypto San Francisco. which was carried forward by the CNBC.

In this tour hosted by Ran Neu-ner of CNBC, they visited the biggest fund managers including:

– Olaf Carlson-Wee – Polychain Capital
– Joey Krug – Pantera Capital
– Tushar Jain – Multicoin Capital
– Adam Draper – Boost VC

To give a little introduction about what are we going to talk about in this article is the big bounce in cryptocurrencies and what these managers think about the big bounce. The investors are trying hard to keep calm during the price swings and bounces, but do these managers also have to go through the same roller coaster? Let’s, find out.

So cryptocurrencies, as we all know, is the digital monetary form which is used for transactions, trading and etc. A lot of people have taken interest in cryptos and invested their money in it. Few of them played well and took a lot of advantages and a few have got nothing in hand.

But now the big talk is whether the cryptos will retain its investors or not?

In the interview with few major fund managers, we could draw conclusions that Cryptocurrencies are a chance of big earnings and it is definitely going to change the world.

Olaf Carlson-Wee, the founder of Polychain Capital believes that the world is getting into  a “new technological era.”

He has been into this belief since the last seven years and has no thought of ever leaving it.

He says, “When we invest in a new project the goal is to have that project become an infrastructural component of the entire Internet.”

Carlson inspires the investors to invest for the long-term trades. He along with his company “encourages long-term investments.” And we believe him, after all, he is the man who made over a billion dollar from only 4 million dollars. His belief shows that how much he has faith in the crypto world and how motivated he is to change the technology.

Adam Draper, Founder and Managing director at Boost VC talks about the crypto price swing as the
Building Phase.

In the interview with CNBC, he says, “We are building value. We need more people on the network. It will quickly rise.” He says that the price swing does not matter as in the future the crypto will definitely show its magic. He stated, “I want to be the crazy one.”

He along with his team has been through this ups and downs, mostly downs for like 6 or 7 times. The prices were falling like the walls in the earthquake and he couldn’t do anything. There was a fall of 60% or 70% and all they could do was to sit with the calm head.

Joey Krug, Chief investment officer at Pantera Capital and the Co-Founder of Augur, believes that there is a hell lot of space in the cryptocurrencies.

With respect to Space on cryptos, he says, “There are tons of new financial markets being created.”

He also says that there is inflation in the fiat currencies and so there are the price swings in the cryptos. People or the investors are just worried maybe about the cybersecurity or their account being hacked.

Tushar Jain, Managing Partner at Multicoin gives a humorous reply when asked about the power of the internet.

He says that in 90’s people were told to avoid meeting the strangers or people through the internet and going to places with them but the scenario has totally changed today.

Tushar adds, “To explain further let me just add one name, and everything would be clear: UBER!”

These major fund managers mentioned only one thing that was common, Big Network. They all want to build a digital network where everyone can trade and invest. They inspire people for long-term investments. There are Dapps that are being launched for the safety and security of people’s ID.

Adam Draper has the vision to build one big network where everyone is connected without any harm. Carlson-Wee states that there are many exciting launches that are yet to come in the next 18 months.

So investors aren’t you excited about investing in these cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are surely made to bring about a big change in the virtual world that will definitely affect the real world!

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