Entrepreneur and TV personality Mark Cuban is partnering with Book.io to release his book, titled “How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It,” as an NFT on the Polygon network. This collaboration was initiated after Cuban mentioned NFTs during an episode of the “BanklessHQ” podcast. The Book.io team reached out to Cuban, who showed interest in their pitch deck, leading to negotiations that lasted a couple of weeks.

Unlike traditional NFTs, Book.io refers to their NFTs as “Decentralized Encrypted Assets” (DEAs). These DEAs are held in a digital wallet and offer access to the contents of the book. This unique approach differentiates Book.io’s NFTs from other NFTs that rely on blockchain scanners or platforms like Opensea for accessing digital assets.

Mark Cuban’s decision to release his book as an NFT demonstrates his interest in the growing NFT market and his willingness to explore new avenues for content distribution. NFTs have gained popularity due to their ability to establish ownership and provenance of digital assets using blockchain technology. By leveraging the Polygon network, Cuban and Book.io aim to tap into the advantages of scalability, lower transaction costs, and environmental sustainability that the network offers.

The release of Mark Cuban’s book as an NFT on the Polygon network signifies the increasing adoption of blockchain technology and NFTs in the creative and publishing industries. It will be interesting to see how this innovative approach to distributing digital content unfolds and the potential impact it may have on the future of the publishing industry.

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