MetaMask Institutional, the institutional-grade wallet and custody service of MetaMask, has announced the unveiling of its new staking marketplace, designed specifically for institutional customers. This marketplace aims to streamline the process of getting started with and managing solo staking, enabling institutions to become Ethereum validators directly by staking 32 ETH.

To make solo staking accessible for businesses, MetaMask Institutional has partnered with four vendors, including ConsenSys Staking, Allnodes, Blockdaemon, and Kiln. The marketplace aims to standardize the otherwise disparate rates, terms and conditions, rebates, and reporting criteria that characterize institutional staking.

Since its launch in October 2021, MetaMask Institutional has been providing an advanced platform with enhanced features and controls that better suit the needs of corporations and other institutional users. As previously reported, MetaMask’s retail wallet is no longer suitable for consumers or institutions handling millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies.

For this reason, MetaMask Institutional has released its staking marketplace, offering a direct gateway to creating fresh Ethereum validators by staking 32 ETH. The partnership with leading vendors and the simplification of the staking process will enable institutional customers to access the world of Ethereum validation with ease. 

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