Monaco, a Hong Kong-based company, recently rebranded itself to the most wanted name i.e. It was purchased by Monaco for several million dollars as it was the most desired name in the world of cryptocurrencies. Monaco which is now has taken a very innovative step as they have announced a MCO Visa Card which is enabled by cryptocurrency at Techcrunch conference, which took place recently.

Kris Marszalek who is the CEO of this startup presented the idea of MCO Visa Card at the TechCrunch conference in Zug, Switzerland. This card allows its users to spend the digital currency at over 40 Million locations.

The card will work only if the users download their app. The app contains a wallet for both crypto and fiat currencies and the card be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

The CEO also repeated the’s mission “to accelerate the global development, adoption, and transition to cryptocurrency,” and added that this card is providing the gateway for the interested users and also bringing utility.

Now, with the release of the standard MCO Visa card, is additionally presenting an elite digital money attendant service, MCO Private. This will be offered to high-total assets customers in the crypto space, offering both particular administrations and access. A couple of these advantages incorporate committed client benefit via telephone, selective access to crypto related occasions and counsel and direction through the platform.

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