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Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme hoarded $20 Million in South Korea

Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme hoarded $20 Million in South Korea


Two men from South Korea have been condemned for making a bitcoin fraudulent business model that cheated nearly 20 billion Korean and won ($20 million) from the investors. specialists. 
On April 19, a judge from Seoul's Incheon District Court issued fines of $15 million and $8 million, individually, to the two fraudsters, as indicated by neighborhood.
News source: Yonhap 
The report said the two men began the plan in 2015 and along these lines manufactured a multi-level organization by promising financial specialists significant yields through putting resources into bitcoin. 
"The multi-level transaction is a risk to the socioeconomic order with mass production of many victims," the judge was cited as saying in the report. The fines were given in view of the significant total they had pulled in from casualties of the plan. 
The report comes days in the wake of neighboring China expanded its endeavors to take action against multi-level advertising plans camouflaged as bitcoin speculations. 
As gave an account of Wednesday, Chinese police captured the originators of an asserted across the country digital money fraudulent business model that had amassed $13 million from more than 13,000 individuals.

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