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Bitfinex Partners EOS.io: Unveils Crypto Trading Platform EOSfinex

Bitfinex Partners EOS.io: Unveils Crypto Trading Platform EOSfinex


The beta version of a new crypto-trading platform, EOSfinex, was launched on Wednesday in London by Bitfinex in collaboration with EOS.io.

The website named EOSfinex will list EOS/USD, BTC/USD and ETH/USD trading pairs as of now, and will also support market orders, limit order, immediate-or-cancel orders and post only orders. Further order types may be introduced based on user request and feedback, the company stated.

EOSfinex claims that their service is built decentralization, trust, and performance and that they aim to provide a “trustless peer-to-peer trading experience”.

They further added:

“The exchange could be truly decentralized only after building a reputation with the users where trust is a prerequisite condition. Furthermore, by creating a transparent and auditable exchange model, individuals from all around the world could monitor and verify the exchange.”

EOSfinex looks to provide high standards as expected by professional investors by understanding their demands in-depth and by having high performance as a priority.

In a recent official post, Bitfinex announced the launch of an Ethereum based cryptocurrency exchange, named ETHfinex. They are said to be focusing mainly on both on-chain and centralized trading for this platform.

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