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Tron Updates Investors With TVM Activation and Other Announcements

Tron Updates Investors With TVM Activation and Other Announcements


The Tron foundation has quite a few positive updates for the crypto community, including Project Atlas, their latest coin burn and some platform upgrades.

Project Atlas refers to the highly anticipated integration of the Tron platform with BitTorrent, on which the firm released updates recently. Apparently, a new custom token is to be introduced on the BitTorrent platform that can be used to provide incentives to customers. Also, it has been announced that users in China will now be able to access uTorrent web under BitTorrent.

From now on, the company will host 1-2 live streams every quarter in order to keep users informed about the latest updates on their working. Tron recently burnt 4,917,487,036.059613 (4.9 billion) old ERC20 tokens, which takes the total amount of burnt tokens to 98.01% of those that were initially distributed.

Furthermore, on the activation of the Tron Virtual Machine, the firm announced that

“It’s expected that the TVM will be officially activated after the voting on October 8. By then, the 3 main features: the committee, the TVM, and decentralized exchanges will be activated.”

Tron has also announced that its Mainnet’s next two updates will be scheduled on the 15th of November and the 31st of December this year. These updates are said to aim at further decentralization of the internet.

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