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Yenom Launches Bitcoin Cash Kit(BCK) Developed In Apple's iOS Language Swift

Yenom Launches Bitcoin Cash Kit(BCK) Developed In Apple's iOS Language Swift


A new Bitcoin Cash Kit (BCK) has been introduced by the developers of Yenom which is the Bitcoin Cash-centric mobile wallet. This Bitcoin Cash Kit is basically for BCH developers. This Cash Kit is the implementation of the BCH protocol. It is also the first library for iOS which is an important addition to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

Yenom wallet's newly launched library - the Bitcoin Cash Kit (BCK) allows the users and the developers to maintain a wallet with the assets of storing, sending and receiving bitcoin cash without even downloading the full updated node. The Yenom developers, Hashhub, and the Crypto Age are even releasing a mobile phone application on August 18.

During the announcement, Yenom gives the details regarding the Bitcoin Cash hackathon by saying,

“In order to solve such a problem, we forked from Mr. Katsumi Kishikawa’s famous Bitcoin Kit implemented in Swift, and developed a library for iOS that anyone can easily develop using Bitcoin.”

The application is not yet too advanced which has led the developers coding with the Ethereum project. According to Yenom, to write flexible smart contracts the system involves layering.

The Bitcoin Cash Kit includes a few conventions that can enable designers to deliver strong BCH stages. BCK incorporates encoding/translating addresses from base58, Cashaddr, P2PKH, and WIF positions. Along with this, BCK additionally has exchange building squares, EC keys and marks close by BIP32, and BIP44 various leveled deterministic wallets. Besides, there's likewise a BIP39 execution, and engineers clarify that SPV highlights are not fully complete yet.

Bitcoin Cash fans and designers appear to be satisfied with Yenom's recently presented BCK, particularly the presentation of an iOS lib fastened to the BCH convention. Quick is a famous broadly useful programming dialect arranged and created by the tech mammoth Apple.

What do you think about this newly launched Bitcoin Cash Kit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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