Nvidia, the graphics card producing leader, welcomed the startup Ubex this month, into its Inception Program. This shows Nvidia’s growing interest in the Blockchain Technology.

Nvidia’a Inception program is all about guaranteeing the essential resources for data science and intelligence-based startups. As per the report, Ubex caught the attention of Nvidia through its well-planned application and its technology to help neural network to more efficiently present advertisements on websites.

With Ubex, Nvidia aims to develop a Smart Online Marketing Platform with the use of Blockchain and AI. Nvidia has been into the AI space for quite a good time now. It has been manufacturing AI designed chips too.

As per Coindesk, Ubex co-founder and chief executive Artem Chestnov told that the startup uses a blockchain in particular because its “key goal is transparency and speed of transactions.”

He added:

“Any AI needs datasets to work more effectively and to learn. Training an AI requires a lot of effort. The blockchain base will allow us to attract thousands of sources of information that will be used to enrich our AI’s database and make it faster, smarter, stronger and more efficient.”

Currently, Ubex has released a working model of its platform for testing.

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