Sony Interactive Entertainment, the game console giant, has recently filed a patent application that would enable the exchange of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) between different games and game consoles. This means that players using Sony’s flagship PlayStation would be able to play interoperable Web3 games and transfer NFTs between devices like VR headsets, tablets, computers, and smartphones.

The patent also aims to promote interoperability between products outside of Sony’s ecosystem, such as the Xbox and cloud-based video games, allowing NFTs to be transferred and used across different gaming ecosystems. This move by Sony demonstrates the company’s commitment to the Web3 world and its recent efforts to deepen partnerships and test blockchain-based products.

As part of this commitment, Sony previously announced a motion-tracking wearable in November 2022, which allows gamers to use their bodies to control avatars in real-time. With these new developments, Sony is paving the way for NFT interoperability in gaming and expanding its presence on the Web3 stage.

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