Tesla has showcased its updated Tesla Bots in a video presented by CEO Elon Musk at a shareholder meeting event. The footage highlights the robots’ ability to walk steadily, pick up objects, and recognize items. The improvements in the Tesla Bot project include enhanced motor torque control, AI training based on human-tracked movements, and object manipulation capabilities. One notable demonstration showed a robot retrieving objects from one container and placing them into another, illustrating its potential for performing human-like tasks. The AI of the robot can be trained through human demonstrations.

The humanoid robots were initially unveiled at Tesla AI Day in October 2022, where they exhibited limited walking capabilities and required assistance from staff to stay standing. The recent video demonstrates significant progress in the development of the Tesla Bot.

Reactions to the new footage varied among internet users, with some applauding Tesla’s achievement and others making lighthearted threats towards the robot. It is worth noting that these responses were likely based on the novelty of the technology and not indicative of any imminent danger.

Overall, the video showcasing Tesla’s updated Tesla Bots highlights their improved walking ability, object manipulation skills, and potential for performing tasks similar to humans. The development of these humanoid robots represents a significant advancement in AI technology, although it is important to approach the subject with realistic expectations and consider potential ethical implications.

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