Yes! You read that right. GDAX, formerly known as Coinbase, froze a 7-figure amount of a user, and that too without any explanation and prior notice.

We’re aware that any crypto exchange platform and the transactions have their own terms, conditions and policies. The users who try to violate the policies can easily be banned or have their account frozen, but there are some cases where the genuine users have become the victims of the unknown violation. Their transactions have got frozen without any prior notice and explanations. There are many such cases but only a few of them are revealed as these cases were published on the social sites.

Recently, one such case came under notice. A user samYouAm got a very huge amount frozen in GDAX that too without any prior notice and explanation. And to his surprise, this was not the first time that samYouAm faced this violation. First time, the amount got frozen and his problem got solved after 45 days.
He stated that this time it took around 5 days to get to normal. There are many other users like him. Based on the sources, it has been found that these users haven’t got any reply from the support system. samYouAm posted it on a social site Reddit and the support system replied just to save their credibility. They reply to cases which get the audience-attention else all other users have to go through “no-reply” phase.

The other users have also complained as they are very disappointed because of the careless behavior of the customer care. They are just afraid from the cases that gain traction. In these cases, the moral just comes out to play a safe game rather than getting violated unknowingly!

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