The Visa credit card network slammed over the United Kingdom and Europe, leaving millions unfit to pay for different merchandise and ventures with debit or credit cards.

Visa’s credit card payment platform is broadly steady. In the case, prior today, it smashed in shops, corner stores, and railroad stations crosswise over Britain and Europe, leaving millions unfit to utilize their debit or credit cards. The fall occurred at around 2:30 pm on Friday crosswise over Europe, as indicated by The Guardian.

Visa reacted to the episode saying they were encountering “a service disruption” over the mainland, despite the fact that they didn’t recognize the reason for the disturbance.

“This incident is preventing some Visa transactions in Europe from being processed. We are investigating the cause and working as quickly as possible to resolve the situation,” clarified Visa in an announcement.

Over the United Kingdom and Europe, lines started to frame at gas service stations as disappointed drivers were not able to pay for their gas in the wake of topping off. Comparable lines showed up at Sainsbury’s markets and train stations.

Mastercard’s payment network continued to work as usual. However, clients with debit cards or credit cards associated with the Visa network were left with no real way to get to their cash.

The Visa network was down for roughly 30 minutes before it was re-established around 3 pm on Friday. Notwithstanding, retailers detailed that payments were reestablished sporadically and that a few payments proceeded to still not pass across.

So, Can we Say- It’s Time For Blockchain?!

Naturally, the long downtime had brought up issues about the reliance on concentrated payment frameworks rather than a decentralized blockchain.

Famous blockchains keeping an eye on Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the most utilized cryptocurrencies boast a 100% downtime and have transactions rounded up in just 14 seconds with Ethereum.

Being decentralized additionally implies there can’t be a single point of failure, a component Visa would no uncertainty wish to have right now.

With whatever is left of the world watching, it is getting to be clear that possibly right now is an ideal opportunity to begin discarding focal payment frameworks for the ever secure and constantly operational blockchain fueled payment choices.

However, keeping the majority of your assets bolted behind debit cards and credit cards on the Visa network is presenting a solitary purpose of disappointment for your money related records – and that is never a smart idea.

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