As the world of web3 gaming continues to evolve, Polygon (MATIC) and Immutable (IMX) have joined forces to escalate the AAA gaming experience through “Immutable zkEVM.” This collaboration between two pioneers in the gaming industry is expected to enhance and break boundaries in game development. According to data from December 2022, the two platforms have individually collected approximately $2 billion, and the integration of “Immutable zkEVM” is expected to provide numerous benefits for both builders and players.

“Immutable zkEVM” will be the common ground between the two companies, with leading gaming studios making use of Polygon validators and secured chains. Furthermore, developers will now be able to transfer their products built on any platform like Ethereum, Polygon, or others to “Immutable zkEVM.” The native tokens of both environments, MATIC and IMX, will serve as the gas fees entities.

Overall, this collaboration is set to take gaming to the next level, with the potential for multiple big studios to launch their own app-specific chains that will all be MATIC-staked. The result is an unstoppable force meets immovable object scenario that is sure to boost blockchain gaming. 

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