Have you ever heard about the term “Airdrop” in cryptocurrency and Do you know you can receive free coins without even investing in any fiat money?

What is Airdropping?

In very simple words, the method of giving away free coins based on some predefined conditions is known as Airdrop. The main goal of Airdrop is to disperse the tokens by granting them to the existing holders of a specific blockchain currency, for example, Bitcoin or Ethereum

Nowadays, Airdropping has become an interesting way for Online marketing of the new coin launches. Because of Airdropping, a person not owning even a single coin/token of the newly launched currency can also benefit from this by freely earning them, the only condition being they have enough stake in the common cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, etc. or any other condition which is specified in the smart contract of the upcoming ICO. 

Anyone can offer a cryptocurrency airdrop, which also includes immoral people. If anyone asks for your private keys then never share any of your details with them, otherwise, your coins might be looted.


How does Airdropping work?

To be gifted, the main requirement is to sign up to create an account on bitcointalk.org, as most of the airdrop requests can be found on the bitcointalk.org platform. In bitcointalk.org, to get more benefits, you must be an active member of the social media with a few posts of airdrop in your account. 

Airdrops happen only after a project is fully completed and its ICO is done and tokens are ready to become tradable in the market. You must have the basic cryptocurrency in your wallet. i.e on which this project. For example: if the project is based on Ethereum, you must have some ETH in your wallet and if the project is based on Bitcoin or Ripple you must have some BTC orc  XRP in your wallet. 

An airdrop is always pre-planned and the people from cryptocurrency community will post the perfect schedule along with the snapshot of blockchain project as an advertisement of its Airdrop. It has proved to be a great marketing approach.

Now the question arises: How to increase your crypto assets through Airdropping?

Well, there are many organizations like Blockchain Education Network along with the common social media and forums, that organize such airdrop events to raise awareness of cryptocurrencies in public. Some smaller airdrops could require social media post or a member of any team who has contracted on bitcoin forum. So, you will have to sign up, for all online service that gives you information about cryptocurrency airdrop which includes websites, Telegram group, Twitter accounts, and online cryptocurrency airdrop forum.

The events like these are an excellent way to increase its adoption and introduce new people to the idea of cryptocurrencies, where the OmiseGo approach works for companies and projects that want to ensure a wide distribution of their coins, between people. 

OmiseGo made a very popular airdrop. It required for the participants to have Ethereum. An Airdrop can be done on any of the available blockchains, while Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular ones. OmiseGo conveyed that Airdropping is a way to reward the participants and supporters and increase the use of ERC20 tokens which will further strengthen the trust between investors, developers, and the miners. ERC20 is a standard for tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

There are different sites available for airdrops such as AirdropAlerts.com, Airdropaddict.com, and Icodrops.com. These sites will help you stay updated on the upcoming cryptocurrency airdrops.

Cryptocurrency wallet is an important part of the Airdrop. While taking part in the cryptocurrency airdrop, you must be aware to not be a victim of the fraud airdrop campaigns because some airdrops are made to hack wallets and steal private keys. Always keep security and confirm the authentication of a Cryptocurrency Airdrop Campaign before taking part in it. 

Note: NEVER give away the private keys of your cryptocurrency wallet and never DOWNLOAD any random wallet of a certain project that you aren’t aware of.    

Happy Airdropping!!