Lucy Powell, a politician and digital spokesperson for the UK’s Labour Party, has expressed the view that artificial intelligence (AI) should be regulated and licensed similarly to the pharmaceutical, medical, and nuclear industries. Powell believes that companies like OpenAI and Google, which develop AI models, should be required to obtain licenses for building such models. She expressed concern over the lack of regulation for large language models that can be applied across various AI tools, emphasizing the need for governing their construction, management, and control.

Powell suggested that regulating the development of AI technologies is a more viable option than an outright ban, drawing a parallel with the European Union’s ban on facial recognition tools. She acknowledged that AI can have unintended consequences but argued that if developers were obligated to be transparent about their AI training models and datasets, some risks could be mitigated with government intervention.

Powell emphasized the need for an active and interventionist government approach in light of the rapid advancement of AI technology. She also highlighted the potential impact of advanced technology on the UK economy. The Labour Party, reportedly finalizing its own policies on AI and related technologies, is planning a meeting with AI-focused executives at Google’s UK offices, led by Labour leader Keir Starmer and the party’s shadow cabinet.

Overall, Powell’s statements reflect her belief in the necessity of licensing and regulation for AI development, emphasizing the importance of transparency and government intervention to address potential risks and maximize the benefits of AI technology in the UK.

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