Cardano could soon see greater flexibility in its smart contract wallets, as dcSpark, a crypto ecosystem builder focused on Cardano, Algorand, and Mina, is working to bring account abstraction to the Cardano ecosystem. In a tweet on Monday, dcSpark announced that it is working on account abstraction, which aims to treat smart contracts the same as regular user wallets. To achieve this, the company has submitted a Cardano Improvement Proposal (CIP) dubbed CIP-0038. According to dcSpark’s Chief Technology Officer Sebastien Guillemot, account abstraction can simplify coding on the blockchain and allow for the creation of smart contract wallets.

One of the main benefits of account abstraction is its potential to simplify the process of wallet recovery. Traditionally, to recover a crypto wallet, users have to securely store a 12 or 24-word recovery phrase, which can be prone to hacks or loss. With smart contract wallets, users would have more flexibility in managing their private keys and transactions, including the ability to create multiple wallet recovery options aside from storing a seed phrase. Additionally, account abstraction can also allow users to place desired security restrictions on wallet spending, including requesting special verification before certain transactions can be processed.

Cardano is entering a new era of governance, the Age of Voltaire, which promises to revolutionize decentralized governance. As the final stage in Input Output’s Cardano roadmap, the network is at a significant stage of its development.

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